Drone technology saves cost and time generating high-resolution aerial maps for all your surveying, inspection, project planning, and project monitoring needs. Able to execute large scale mapping projects with the capability to collect data on over two thousand acres per day. Drones and advanced sensors can quickly map large or unreachable areas to produce surface models, orthomosaic maps, and easily measure distances or area. Our deliverables can serve to inform estimates, and internally track your projects or be utilized as deliverables to your customers for monitoring and planning purposes.

Mapping & Imaging

Roofing Surveys & Inspection

Simplify the inspection and survey process.  Drone imaging helps prevent further damage during the inspection process and helps capture high quality data safely and efficiently.

Construction Uses

Leverage the accuracy of orthomosiacs for precise measurements. Monitor and share real time progress throughout the project without having to be on site.

Environmental Studies

Powerful imaging allows you to view and analyze more robust, accurate data.  Monitor algae blooms, assess environmental damage following storms, and track coral reef health.

Wildlife Management

Drones have been proven to be more accurate in wildlife counting than humans.  Count manatees, mark sea turtle nests, and preform habitat mapping for both protected and invasive species.

Invasive Vegetation Evaluation

Save multiple man hours of survey time. Drones can capture high quality images in remote areas quickly and efficiently identifying location and density of invasive or harmful vegetation.

Insurance Assessments

Reduce time for damage assessment safely and efficiently.  Our drones can target affected areas capturing imagery quickly and accurately or map large areas exponentially saving time and resources.