Time On Target Solutions provides UAV services throughout Florida. Our capabilities include; precision agriculture, turf management, thermographic imaging, and mapping. We believe our UAV services are vital to local industry and can significantly contribute to reducing the amount of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and carbon dioxide released into the environment with the aim of making our customers more effective, efficient, and profitable.




Drone services are enabling farmers to make data driven decisions, and achieve production efficiency, while raising the bar for sustainability and environmental protection.

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Improve turf health and lower costs by utilizing drone technology as part of your turf management solutions.

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Thermographic imagery has a multitude of use cases; inspect PV systems, monitor livestock, inspect electrical infrastructure, detect water intrusion, and much more.

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Best in class drone sensor and map generating hardware/software for advanced photogrammetry and orthomosaic map generation, able to generate high resolution 2D & 3D imaging for multiple use cases.  

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Established in early 2021, the company gains its namesake from our founder's time as a Special Operations Black Hawk Crew Chief in the U.S. Army, where the primary mission was to support the highest level of U.S. Special Operations anywhere in the world time on target +/- 30 seconds. The company will hold the same Army Special Operations standards by keeping in highest regard the qualities of integrity, technical competency, and most importantly of all a "Don't Quit!" mindset.

Our aerial drone services are FAA Part 107 compliant and fully insured. Level 1 sUAS Applications Thermographer on staff.