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Drone Services Provider

High tech, safe, and cost saving systems for collecting and utilizing digital data. We simplify the processes for your business to benefit from the most advanced digital technology tools available.

Your work can be digitized with drone data to create actionable insights and maximize safety.

Our Services


What We Offer Your Business

We offer drone data collection services and enablement for businesses to leverage digital data. Our services are designed to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project from a completely new perspective.

Construction, Land development, Agriculture, Environmental Services and many other industries utilize mapping data products. 2D orthomosaic maps, digital surface models, and custom status reports can streamline your operations.

We provide a cloud based portal for easy sharing and relaying of information across internal and external stakeholders. Custom GIS data solutions, Ai, and Deep Learning tools for automated assessments, and asset tracking over time.

Thermographic sensors, Multispectral Sensors, LiDAR units, and Ultra High Definition cameras are all tools used for data collection & inspections. These drone based solutions provide high levels of accuracy, and a digital record of your project or job site.

We provide data collection, analysis, and hosting tools to meet all of your turf management requirements.

Are you looking to set up an internal drone program or novel concept of operations to fit your specific needs? We can provide end-to-end guidance and expertise to do so.


Does your industry or project require something unique or out of the ordinary? Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations, Uncrewed Heavy Lift, and Agriculture Spraying are all within reach.

We understand how difficult it can be to implement new technology while staying focused on your core competency.

Time on Target Solutions can do the work to help you leverage advanced technology that creates actionable insights to increase efficiency and accuracy while maximizing safety.

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Uncrewed Middle Mile Air Cargo

The future of logistics efficiency and path to carbon-neutral aviation starts here.


When the national air space is ready for uncrewed middle-mile air cargo (UMMAC), we will implement the plan to take your logistics operations to the next level.


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