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Turf Management

We provide data collection and analysis for all your turf management needs. With golf course customers as the focus audience, turf management & analysis also applies to sports turf, polo fields, as well as sod farms

Health Analysis

Improve your turf health and 

lower costs. Automated drone mapping technology enables you to identify current problems and areas at risk in near-real time.

Moisture Mapping

Spot opportunities for water cost savings. Thermal maps are fine tuned to your turf every flight, providing insights into where you may be over, or under watering.

Filter and Sort

Prioritize areas that need the most attention. Powerful sorting and filtering lets you filter your data by turf type, health, moisture, and thermal metrics.

Mobile Friendly

Take your insights into the field. Our Turf Health Reports can be accessed from any mobile device.

Historical Trending

Track progress over time. Visual comparison tool provides insight into stress patterns with different treatment plans.

Take Measurements

Assess chemical fertilizer quantities before going out in the field by quickly measuring areas of concern directly on the map.

High Resolution

Detect problems sooner with greater precision. Drone based imaging far exceed capabilities of the naked eye.


Easily add users and share reports with other stakeholders such as course owners, greens committees, or board members.

User Management

Add additional members of your organization and assign roles such as groundskeeper, superintendent, or pilot.

Download our turf management services information sheet here

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